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There are over 160 billion monthly Google searches. It is the biggest search engine in the world, accounting for over 79% of all global search traffic, which means ranking highly with Google is the top priority for your online marketing efforts. At pixelFLYTE, we help you by focusing on strategies that are not only effective for search engines but also effective for reaching your target audience. We want to attract the right traffic to your website, because the right traffic creates successful results.

Through client collaboration and in-depth analysis, we identify the appropriate keywords for your business. With this keyword data, we work with you to develop the optimal content strategy for your site. By adding proper page titles, META tags and element attributes to your website's code, we can ensure that search engines are indexing all of your content correctly and completely. Since all of our website design is responsive and standards-compliant, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered every step of the way.

63,000 searches per second

Google is the leading search engine provider

The most cost-effective and comprehensive website tracking program is Google Analytics. By using Google Analytics, we can track much more than just the number of visitors your site receives. We can analyze important metrics, such as: user bounce rate, what pages are visited, and the amount of time spent on each page. We are also able to tap into important demographic information, like: visitor age groups, location, and interests. Even better, we compare this information to historical data to get a better perspective of how your website performs and the effectiveness of your content strategy. We then combine all of this collected data into an easily understood report.

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